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Resume Writers


Job Type


About the Role

Seeking resume writers to design and deliver resumes that make lasting and positive impressions on potential employers. Resume writers ensure that the resumes they create contains the applicant's qualifications, job experience and skills in a clear and attractive format. Must be skilled at template selection and design.

Create resumes with correct format and content

Choose attractive layout and design to make an impression

Check grammar, language, factual errors, and rewrite the resume as selected by the client

Select best information to emphasize skills and achievements

Optimize content to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems


  • Good writing skills to create an attractive resume

  • Eye for detail and ability to present information in a concise and factual fashion

  • Grasp over different types of jobs and their requirements

  • Good typing and proofreading skills

  • Knowledge of common software used to create resumes

  • Ability to communicate with team about status of projects

  • Must possess the tools needed to work remotely

About the Company

Resume Rescue Plus is the launchpad for career, business, and future growth.

Resume Rescue Plus is guided by four principles: out-of-the box thinking, future-focused operations, passion for innovation, and customer-centric excellence. Resume Rescue Plus strives to redefine employment and be your best resource for launching your future.

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